Write A Check (WAC) Donation Form: We are not doing individual prizes for this fundraiser. We will be offering grade level incentives. Any amount of money donated will need to be divided between your children. For example, if you will be donating $100 and you have two children at school, you will need to divide that donation however you see fit between the two children. Please check with your employer about corporate matching and your family members and friends to help make your donation go further. All donations are tax deductible! They will need to indicate the student name and the amount donated and weRead More →

It is hard to believe that October is almost over!  We know how busy everyone’s schedules can be with work, family, sports schedules, etc.  We appreciate all of you who have helped in some way these last couple of month through giving of your time and helping with the book fair, popping popcorn for our six weeks celebration (which the students LOVE by the way!), making copies for teachers, nurse screenings, etc.  We also thank those of you who aren’t able to volunteer  up at the school but have supported your PTO by purchasing a shirt, taking your kiddos out to eat on our spiritRead More →